American Pallets, LLC was established on September 2004.  Our first shipment was delivered on October 1, 2004 to New Technology Steel in Erie, MI. AP is a privately owned and operated business. When we first opened our doors for business the pallets were built using hand nail guns and man power to ensure consistency in product sizes.  The young manufacturing plant was then labor intensive. 

Over the years AP purchased equipment to produce custom built pallets more efficiently. Our processes start with a sawmill and the results are finished custom built pallets and crates. The automated equipment increased productivity and lessen the labor intensiveness. Our focus is to always improve the quality of our products, maximizing output and minimizing labor repetitiveness.  

The workforce has minimal turnover. Most of our current employees started with the company. We have a diverse team of employees who are well cross trained and demonstrate what team work is really all about. We are proud of the American Pallets team and how they have served our customers and grown the business over the years. Some of the industries we serve are packaging companies for automotive, steel service centers, stamping plants, freight companies, distribution centers.  We are capable of making all our products ready for international / global shipping. 

We treat our customers as though they are our only customer by providing them with quality products, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service and just-in-time delivery.  We hope that you choose American Pallets, LLC as  your preferred shipping / packaging products supplier.   

Thank you for your business!

“Just Do It Right…Make It Happen”

Sarah J.Bates